Topic currently studying-  Shakespeare and Writing Skills

Online Learning:
•    DODDLE - Go to:
-    Use the log in you have already got.
-    Complete all learning sections set for you.
-    Check back at your score and try to improve – aim for at least 80% in all areas.
-    You will find work on: Shakespeare and basic writing skills

•    BEDROCK – Go to
-    Use the log in you have already got.
-    Complete 2 lessons per visit
-    Check back at your score and try to improve – aim for at least 70% in all areas.

Written Tasks: 
Writing Booklet – You can work your way through the activities building your skills resulting in writing one descriptive piece and one story.

Shakespeare Project - Reasearch and read a Shakespeare play of your choice. Create a project on the play including the following information:
Key characters – including character profiles and images
Plot – Include all of the main information about what happens in the story.
Themes - Include all of the main theme and how they are revealed.
Story-board – Create a story board for children to teach them the key plot.
Review – Include a review of the play – what you liked/didn’t like and why.


As a school, we have bought a copy of 'The Goldfish Boy' by Lisa Thompson as a gift for you to keep. You should receive this in the post very soon. 

For Summer Half-Term 2, the English Department have put together a brilliant Padlet of resources to support your reading of 'The Goldfish Boy' and the English work that you have been set. Click here to access all the resources:


Please see the documents below:

Year 7 English Home Learning


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