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Want to learn British Sign Language as part of your Home Learning?
Ever fancied learning British Sign Language to enhance your C.V?

Since January, Newall Green High School has been working with a local organisation called The Deaf Sign Academy to deliver introductory British Sign Language courses to all of our Key Stage 3 students as part of Oracy curriculum. Year 8 were the first to complete and Year 9 were in the middle of their course when schools were instructed to close because of the Coronavirus pandemic. We had planned to deliver the course to Year 7 in the summer term, but this is unlikely to go ahead now.

We are obviously very sad that our students cannot complete this course in school. However, as more of us are finding ourselves in self-isolation or spending longer periods of time at home, british-sign.co.uk are offering the opportunity for students and their families to learn British Sign Language through their ‘Introducing BSL’ online course. 

Normally, it costs £25 for this 20-hour certified course, but British Sign are waiving this due to the difficult circumstances we are all facing at the moment. Instead, they are asking for a small £3 contribution towards their costs. In return, you can study the course at your own pace and, once completed, you will receive a certificate and will be able to add this course to your C.V.

The course includes 10 lessons covering topics such as fingerspelling, numbers, colours, relationships, time, money and many more. There is a video that accompanies each lesson and questions to assess your understanding.

For more information, visit https://www.british-sign.co.uk/learn-online-british-sign-language-course/
This is a great opportunity and a fantastic way to add some routine and focus into your long days at home over the coming weeks!

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