20 December 2019

As part of our annual participation in The Book Trust's Book Buzz initiative, our Year 7s and 8s have received their book gift to read over Christmas!  Our school elves lovingly wrapped each book ready to be presented to the students during their final English lesson in the last week of the Autumn term.  After Christmas there will be a Book Swap Shop where students can bring up to three books they have enjoyed to swap for three books they are yet to read, free books for everyone!

Access to books is crucial to improving literacy in our community, and we're working hard to ensure our students own books outside of school.  We promote the benefits of reading for pleasure every day at school and we're already seeing the rewards with students improving their reading age and enjoying reading with their families.

"My son never picked up a book before he came to Newall Green High, now he's always got one in his hands, he's even put books on his Christmas list!"  Mr Bennett, Year 7 parent.

The Gift Of A Book

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