19 December 2019

On the 22nd of November, a number of Year 11 students were invited on an extra special rewards trip.  The students received a golden ticket to go skydiving at iFly in Trafford.  Students were really excited but also a little scared, they soon faced their fears when they arrived at iFly and got suited up with a full body suit and helmet suitable for skydiving.  The instructor took the students through the safety briefing, and gave them a demonstration so they could see exactly what would happen.  Each student then took their flight whilst the others were able to watch in anticipation of their own experience.  The students showed great resilience and supported each other, feeling happy that they decided to accept the challenge.

“It was really fun, I was pretty scared before but I felt really happy after and wanted to do it again.  It was the best reward trip I’ve been on.”  

Whitney, Year 11.

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