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Every week we will update this section of the webiste with all of the latest apprenticeship, employment and training opportunities for all the family.  We also have notcieboards with opportunities in Sixth Form outside the LRC and in school outside the Careers Hub.

At the bottom of the page there are documents which list a number of opportunities that you can apply for now.

College Websites and Applications

The Manchester College - Courses         The Manchester College - Application

Trafford College - Courses          Trafford College - Application

Stockport College - Courses            Stockport College - Applications

Cheadle College - Courses           Cheadle College - Applications

Loreto College - Courses           Lorteo College - Applications

Xaverian College - Courses           Xaverian College - Applications   

Register for an apprenticeship

Below are links to external websites with opportunities for you and your family. 

Apprenticeships within 5 miles of Newall Green

Apprenticeships within 10 miles of Newall Green

Apprenticeships with Manchester City Council

Apprenticeships with the Apprentice Academy

Jobs within 5 miles of Newall Green

Jobs within 10 miles of Newall Green

Manchester City Council Jobs

Manchester City Council's Work Bulletin

Jobs at Manchester Airport


Scroll to the bottom of this page to find attachments with more apprenticeship, employment and training opportunities.